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Blessed Dina.
An Interesting Connection: "He said the Saints he visited at St. Malachy’s Church were the regulars plus BLESSED DINA!  What did I hear?  As far as I am concerned, there is only one Blessed Dina..."
Bridges, July 26, 2019
CAMP CLAUDINE 2019 - Fon Ibo, Haiti This photo shows most of the 320 campers who are attending Camp Claudine right now, at the Jesus-Mary School in Fon Ibo.  The camp banner (and tee shirts) read... "Let us support children with love - Camp Claudine 2019".
Bridges, July 12, 2019
Sr. Natalia Mejia, RJM sent the following expression of appreciation: "My Dear Sisters, My sincere thanks for so many cards, good wishes and gifts I received from all of  you.   May our good Lord continue his blessings upon each and every one of you..."